Creative Arts

Between The Trees is as close to nature as a festival can get.

Ever since early humans walked the Earth, they also made marks to decorate their environment, to communicate and to adorn themselves. At Between The Trees, we create using natural materials ephemeral land art and creative pieces.

Artists in Residence

Abi Eleri held inspiring watercolour technique sessions to festival goers where they learnt wet into wet and how salt interacts with the medium to create texture and starry like skies. There were some beautiful works produced. She also exhibited a small display of her natural world inspired work inside the Fforest barn.

Dan Llewelyn Hall, a previous Times artist of the year award winner and having a large catalogue of his wonderful paintings and work for prestigious bodies , Dan has lead Drawing on the Dunes with festival participants and launched a recent book The Dunes based on the Merthyr Mawr Nature Reserve. The Dunes is a collaboration between Dan and Robert Minhinnick, 2018 Welsh Book of the Year Award winner.

Martin Briggs is a prolific and expressive artist using several media including sketching , printmaking and painting Martin was our 2018 Artist In Residence. This year he also produced many lively and vividly expressive sketches of the festival on site.

Children’s Activities

The brilliant Art and Craft team make accessible art for all ages at the Mead Hall. Using plentiful found, natural flora in this area, they create a stunning mandalas, decorated the hall, make floral headdresses and adorable little wooden creatures. Other activities include pebble painting and leather work. At BTT there is always something for all ages and all abilities…just enjoy being creative in nature!