The 2022 Line-Up: Music is medicine for the soul.

We are so excited to introduce our 2022 music line-up to you all. Between The Trees is a festival that focusses on contemporary folk music from all regions of the UK and further afield, and this year we have performers who will be singing in 3 of our ancient Celtic languages; Welsh (Cymraeg), Cornish (Kernewek)and Scottish Gaelic.

Firstly, we’d like to introduce our headliners but also give you the “heads-up” on who else to look out for in the 2022 line up. One of our objectives at BTT is to promote young, up and coming artists and we love looking for new, original musicians. We also believe that music is one of the vital ingredients needed for good health and well-being and therefore we feel it is vital that we support original artists, whose music speaks of the history, culture, politics and the complexities of human relationships.

The last few years have taught us that we need human interaction and community, as well as a connection with nature. These are all important components of what makes us “human”. Engagement with the sensory stimulation that art, music and nature provide is known to improve our physical and mental well-being. Simply put “it’s good for the soul“.

The Headliners.

So, what do we have in store for you at BTT22?

Our Friday night headliners are a 5-piece indie-folk band from South Wales called Heilyn rhydlyd. We’ve seen these guys live several times, and they really know how to have fun, putting on a captivating, feel-good, live show. Brandishing their distinct, folk-roots sound and armed with an electrifying mix of rampant fiddle, slick guitar, banjo hooks and tight pulsating drums and bass lines.

On Saturday night we welcome back Noble Jacks, who are another lively and danceable folk band from Brighton. They will get everybody on their feet with their high energy, fiddle drive, foot stomping rhythms. The evening is not finished there, as they are followed by the electronic Celtic fusion band Niteworks, from the Isle of Skye. The band are known for writing new songs in Gaelic and melding the bagpipes with techno and house beats. This is such an exciting new sound for BTT and we think you are going to love the uniqueness of their anthemic, celtic electronica sound.

Sunday, brings us the inquisitive truth-seeker, the devoted song interpreter, the enchanting writer, the genius folk singer, John Smith, with his full band, followed by the Welsh mega band NOGOOD BOYO, who are sure to keep the party going with their blend of welsh indie folk. Their award winning high energy performances have been causing storms and breaking dance-floors all around UK and Europe. The balance of paying tribute to their welsh heritage with a touch of all out recklessness will bring a perfect end to the festival weekend

Ones to Watch out for!

We love it when people tell us they have discovered new music at BTT and the band they have seen for the first time have gained new fans. Supporting original musicians is a great way to sustain the grass roots music industry and besides, we need it! We have some great, young musicians to tell you about, who are creating the new indigenous folk music of this decade. So please have a listen to Tina Boonstra, The Drystones, Sam Brookes, Ollie Dixon, Honey and the Bear, Long for the Coast and Our Atlantic Roots. These are all young artists playing their own original music, with strong, soul-searching lyrics and feel good melodies. You can find their music and others on our Spotify playlist and the full BTT2022 line up can be found here BTT2022.

Early Bird Tickets.

Early Bird Tickets* are limited and are available on the BTT website and this year we have also introduced a pay-by-instalments scheme. So grab yourselves a bargain and spread the cost ! We’ve also teamed up with Pitch Luxury Tents, who are providing high-quality glamping in the forest and this is by far the best way to enjoy the festival.

*Any ticket purchases made in January will receive a Free BTT and WE ARE NATURE sticker bundle!! – And who doesn’t love a decal sticker? (Stickers made by Sticker Mule).