TreeTalk#1 April

TreeTalk#1 April

Foot-stomping nights to remember

Just four more lunar cycles before we can all enjoy life “Between The Trees” together again. We have so many exciting things to tell you about this years’ festival. The music line up is superb with headliners such as John Smith (nominee for International folk album of the Year) and Scottish Mega band, Niteworks, whose unique blend of Celtic folk and electronica fills national and international arenas. We also have the driving folk rhythms of the Noble Jacks, Rusty Shackle a Dim Da Boyo, who will ensure foot-stomping nights to remember.


This year, we will also be joined by internationally renowned, Ballet Cymru who will be performing a section of DREAM, a vibrant, fresh, and innovative ballet based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Working with Award-Winning instrumentalist and composer Frank Moon, Ballet Cymru have created a magical, gender-bending world of fairies, lovers, and bewitching enchantment.  They will also be holding dance workshops in the daytime, so you can all get a chance to be your very own woodland mythical being.

In fact, this year the theme of mythology runs through the festival and we are privileged to have Dan Mitchell’s company. Dan is a renowned storyteller, TV presenter and comedian, and will be entertaining and educating us with the stories of Welsh Folk-lore & mythology and will be introducing us to the “y Tylwyth Teg” or the “Fair Folk”, the elves and the fairies.

There’s going to lots of opportunity to express your mystical side in the creative area, where you will be able to make woodland crowns, garlands and wands. We encourage you to wear your best woodland creature, fairy or elf costumes to this years’ festival.

Ticket update.  The good news is that we are keeping Early Bird Tickets open until the end of the 4-month Instalment payment plan period which closes at 12pm on Sunday 22nd May 2022.  We hope this will make the festival more affordable for everybody in these trying times.

TreeTalk#2 (May) will focus on the amazing nature & science speakers as well as the spoken word sessions that we have lined up for you this year. There is always so much to take in at Between The Trees and we hope you leave this years’ festival feeling refreshed, inspired and curious.