Science talk/workshop application form.

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in presenting a talk or workshop at Between The Trees (you will find further information below).

    Brief description of aim of workshop or talk.

    Include the following:

    • What message are you trying to get across?
    • How will you engage the public?
    • How will your presentation be accessible for all ages?
    • Do you have your own tent and what will it look like?

    Can you commit to the entire festival weekend? YES/NO

    If you are going to do a workshop activity with the pubic (NB. This does not apply if you are just presenting a talk):

    (1) Do you have a risk assessment and PLI?

    (2) Do you have a current DBS?.

    About us…

    Between The Trees is a festival with a difference; people enjoy beautiful, original music in magical, natural surroundings as well as experiencing and exploring different aspects of natural science in “Wallace’s Wood”.

    Through the disciplines of natural science, we seek to understand how our lifestyles impact on the wildlife around us and reconnect people with the natural world. 

    About you…

    You are invited to bring your expertise and knowledge to engage the public with fun science-based activities and talks. 

    We would like you to follow a “nature” theme and encourage the use of natural resources that can found in the woodland, however we are open to all applications from any of the natural science disciplines. 

    We have a “leave no trace” policy and therefore request that your displays are of low environmental impact and sympathetic to the surroundings. Electricity is available on site but renewable energy power supplies are preferred. 

    Some other useful information about presenting science at BTT:

    • There are covered structures on site that can be used for your activity or if you want to be independent you can bring your own structure.
    • We would encourage you to stay for the 3 days of festival i.e. set up on the Thursday or Friday morning (before 12 noon). The festival opens at 2pm on the Friday evening and closes Monday at 11 am. However, we also consider short presentations or talks of 15-20mins and we are happy for you to come and go as a day visitor.
    • The science area will be open from 2-6pm on Friday and from 10am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday and workshops and talks will be timetabled and numbers of people attending limited by sign-up forms 
    • Please provide your own risk assessment and evidence of PLI (NB only if required). 
    • We do not ask for any exhibition fees,
    • In exchange for your commitment, you will receive 2 x festival and 1 x fforest car parking tickets (more tickets can be negotiated).