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Investigate the microscopic world of insects, plants, fungi and pond life at the Micrographia tent.

Learn about the wonderful, rare and varied flora & fauna of Merthyr Mawr Nature Reserve, one of Wales’ Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The Grizzled Skipper. Merthyr Mawr Nature Reserve is one of the last remaining places in the UK that you can still see this rare and beautiful butterfly.

The SSSI status of the area has come about from its unique combination of a comparatively warm sunny site, lots of nectar from wildflowers and easy-to-burrow-into sandy soils, creating an ideal home for a wide range of moths, butterflies, reptiles and mammals. These unique conditions also allow the reserve to be home to a huge variety of plant life with habits including diverse grassland, woodland and saltmarsh areas. Interestingly the woodland site is also home to a family of fallow deer and a pair of nesting Goshawks, if you are fortunate you may happen upon them.

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