A contemporary folk festival for all ages, set deep in a Welsh woodland by the sea. Between The Trees is a magical place to encounter nature, create art, learn new skills, listen to spoken word and discover the wonders of science.

Natural Science

Discover The Natural WorldImmerse yourself in the science of the natural world at Between The Trees Festival. From sampling the microbiome with microscopes to discovering the local flora and fauna, there’s plenty to discover and experience. Read More about the Science

Arts & Crafts

Get CreativeBetween the Trees is set in a vibrant woodland, a perfect place for creativity; land art, bushcraft, poetry, painting, local crafts—there's sure to be something to engage your hidden creative skills. Read More about the Art

Showing at the Red Film Barn

A selection of films (for all ages) about the natural world and the thought provoking Bruce Parry film documentary “Tawai”

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