Between The Trees Festival

30th August – 1st September 2019

Candleston Campsite, Merthyr Mawr, South Wales

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An encounter with nature

music, art & natural science

In the middle of a Welsh forest by the sea!

Land Art

What is LAND ART? It is an ART movement which emerged in the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s, in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked.

Creators use the resources that are found in the natural environment to build structures, balance stones or pebbles, weave flexible sticks, make patterns and trails in the sand. They may use shells or pine cones to design spirals and mandalas and construct delicate web- like kinetic sculptures from leaves, flowers and twigs.

At Between The Trees we will be creating ephemeral works from found and fallen resources. We will record this using photography and the process of building will be filmed (with permission)

Everyone, at whatever age or ability level, is encouraged to take part. It is an art form that is inclusive to all.

One of our best known British Land artists is Andy Goldsworthy: See a video of his work

Discover more of nature and the environment through science

We have talks by naturalists, films about our connection to nature and science activities delivered by academics and enthusiasts.

Investigate the microscopic world of pollen grains and pond life at the MICROGRAPHIA science tent.

Learn about the wonderful, rare and varied flora & fauna of this area.

Between The Trees is near Merthyr Mawr nature reserve, one of Wales’ Sites of Special Scientific Interest and a haven for wildlife. The combination of a comparatively warm sunny site, lots of nectar from wildflowers and easy-to-burrow-into sandy soils creates an ideal home for a wide range of moths, butterflies, reptiles and mammals. Due to these unique soil and climate conditions, the 840-acre reserve contains a huge variety of plant life within its diverse grassland, woodland and saltmarsh areas. For more information visit Alex McCarthy’s website

Showing in the Between The Trees film barn:


Tawai is the word the nomadic hunter-gatherers of Borneo use to describe their inner feeling of connection to nature. In this dreamy, philosophical and sociological look at life, explorer Bruce Parry travels the world to learn from people living lives very differently to our own. From the jungles of Malaysia to the tributaries of the Amazon, Tawai is a quest for reconnection, providing a powerful voice from the heart of the forest itself.
(Cert U, 102 mins) Dir. Bruce Parry

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