Children’s Activities

Pirate Fun

Join in the pirate fun with Master Matches Bowie Malone and Captain Emily Morgan. Can you walk the plank? Bringing the biggest bubbles, water pistols, Slip n’ Slide, as well as ukulele playing, treasure hunts and games several times a day, Pirate Fun is where the fun is really at! 


There are art workshops for all ages inspired by nature such as land art, banner making and bug drawing. Whether playing with clay, painting, drawing, making or writing stories, we all have a creative inside of us to let explore!

For younger saplings, we have had a variety of activities over the years such as creating creatures in a puppet making workshop or tapping along in a drum circle and creating stunning visual arts with Tanio.

Dance & Drama

Time to get on your dancing shoes and join Ballet Cymru for a creative dance workshop with professional dancers. Learn some ballet basics and get the whole body moving, and even be a part of the Ballet Cymru dance-drama performance in front of the whole festival! 

Forest School

Wild Blossom is a Forest School and Nature Based Learning social enterprise located within an ancient, old growth private woodland just outside of Cardiff.

A typical session might include things like den building, imaginative play, natural arts and crafts, firemaking, using tools and much much more. We go by the principle that education is more about asking the right questions than giving the right answers and we believe there is so much to be learned simply through being immersed in nature and having freedom and autonomy to explore it.”