Nature, Science & Philosophy

Nature & Science

Explore the natural world through our walks, talks and “hands-on” science workshops! At Micrographia, you can investigate the microscopic world of insects, plants, fungi and pond-life, as well as learn about the wonderful, rare and varied flora & fauna that make their home in Merthyr Mawr National Nature Reserve!

Or fancy a listen to talks by naturalists and scientists, watch films about nature conservation and engage with science workshops delivered by academics, professionals and enthusiasts. Take a look at our Talks & Walks page to find more about the topics our guest speakers present, who pack an abundance of knowledge and passion about our natural world.

The “Wild” Phil-osophy Tent and “Open Mic” Sessions

This year, we are launching the Phil-osophy tent, dedicated to our friend, Phil Wyman, wanderer, writer, musician and believer. He always had a story to tell and a philosophy of life that inspired anyone who shared a moment, cigar or drink with him. 

Phil hosted the open mic sessions at The Cwtch, sharing the power of music and spoken word with everyone that brought words, an instrument or open ears. This is a new, exciting and special addition to the festival that will expand on the philosophy that already exists, through song-writing and will become an open space for thoughts and ideas. Here’s Phil doing what he loved best, whether in kilt or wizard hat, plus a fantastic, true-depicted figure made by Lysbeth.