Festival Ethos & Themes

The theme for 2024 is “Gratitude”

Each year, we have a theme which organically emerges from the conversations we have with each other; family, friends, festival goers and what the topical big questions are.

Gratitude’ – is an important aspect of spiritual practice of the world religions, and a strong indicator of a feature of well being. The current resurgence and interest in this, is seen in the practice of journaling, where we focus our minds upon the reasons we have to appreciate our world, no matter how challenging it may be.

“The practice of gratitude connects us with the graceful flow of giving and returning thanks in the human realm and also to the flow of life in non human nature; in plants and animals, in ecosystems, in the earth, in the solar system, in our galaxy, and in the entire cosmos” 

Rupert Sheldrake – Science and Spiritual Practices.

Whether we are part of an organised religion or not, “counting our blessings,” has been proven as a practice which improves quality of life and is a foil to counter entitlement, the opposite of gratitude. This theme will thread its way through our well-being area, the Meditation Station and new for this year “The PHIL-osophy Tent”.

Previous years themes have included: 

2023      “Journey, Pilgrimage and Migration” 

2022       “Connections”

2021        “Community”

2020       “Unity – Undod”